Every parent aspires to imbibe virtues in the generations to come. It is necessary to make the children aware of ethical values to make sure they always continue to move forward with full confidence in the long journey of their life. This era is dominated by science and knowledge and yet it is full of materialism. Every youth, attracted by this, gets deprived of that fundamental knowledge which is capable of awakening his/her self-knowledge. The persona flourishes when an individual comprehends this difference between worldly knowledge and inner-knowledge.

Only an experienced and discerning person i.e. a Shrotriya (a scholar who memorizes verses etc. and studies and teaches them) and Brahmanishtha (one who is loyal towards/engrossed in Brahmagyan, the ultimate knowledge) can tell you how harmony between science and spirituality is possible. It is essential to have the knowledge of the sophisticated method of doing veneration, worship of god.

It is imperative to create a fusion of science & spirituality in a simplified manner to propagate the virtues of God, hence, we present the Pocket Pundit mobile app, which will showcase our ancient culture before you in a new form.

It is our endeavor to bring a series of Indian principles and doctrines to you under the guidance of scholar Acharya Ramanuj Ji, a Master of Scriptures, so as to provide a proper direction to the wanderer roving on the path of spiritual practice.